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My journey as a counsellor

I started my career working for a large high street bank - not based in a branch, but as a Learning & Development Consultant.  During my own professional development, I completed many questionnaires to gain insight into a variety of behaviours such as my learning style, my preferred way of receiving information and what kind of leader I was etc., etc.  This was the beginning of my interest into how human beings think, behave and feel.

I then went on to re-train as a holistic therapist, which again gave me valuable insights into how the mind and body are so connected.  The worries and concerns that play on our mind usually show up somewhere in our bodies.  Being able to help a person relax and get rid of their tension was a real privilege, but that relief was only temporary.

It is a fact that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health, yet we are only just starting to understand this.  We brush our teeth to prevent bad breath and tooth decay - we eat our five a day in order to prevent heart disease and other illnesses, but we don't equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge in order to cope with events that will occur in our lifetime.

It was this realisation that led me to embark on my journey to be a counsellor.

I am currently qualified to Foundation Degree level, and working towards my honours degree.

I work as an integrative counsellor.  This means that I am not tied to one counselling type, for instance - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which allows me to work in a variety of ways with my clients in order for them to get the outcomes they feel they want to achieve.

Take time, take a breath, take control

Working together

I am happy to work with clients face to face, but I understand that this might not be possible for everyone.

I can arrange remote sessions either via Zoom or MS Teams.  Alternatively, I do have telephone sessions available.

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